A Chilly Disney Adventure (part 3) 

Part 3 and i’m barely through the first half of Day 1? Oh my, maybe I need to go into less detail… but then again there’s no fun in that.

It’s time to park hop! With only two days to do as much of Disneyland Paris as possible we absolutely had to run over to Studios to see what all the fuss was about. For any one who hasn’t been to Disneyland Paris before, park hopping is possibly the easiest thing to do in the world. The parks are quite literally just 5 minutes apart from each other (if that) and you can walk straight between them in no time!

Now, admittedly it’s been a long while since I last wrote a blog post and the memory of what we did at Studios is getting a little fuzzy so this might not be in perfect order. As I remember it, with Nathan’s new love for thrill rides we decided to head straight for Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster by Aerosmith (a large indoor, in-the-dark coaster with lots of flips, loops and barrel rolls). This was our favourite ride of the whole day and after experiencing it for the first time we decided to go on it another 2 times. Seriously the queues were that short! 

With adrenaline still pumping I insisted we tried out Crush’s Coaster as I had heard this cutely decorated Nemo ride had a slightly more sinister side to it… and boy, was that true! I don’t want to spoil much of this one by explaining the ride but just prepare yourself for a whole lot of a spinning and some pretty intense speeds! We were screaming ‘what the heeeck’ all the way and that made the experience 100% more hilarious!
Next, it was just about time for ‘Moteurs…Action! Stunt Show Spectacular’ so off we headed to try and get the best seats. I’ve seen this show before but after 4 years I wondered if they had made any alterations, YEP! The show itself has the same script of good driver vs evil drivers but now with the addition of Lightning McQueen and few others from the cast of Disney’s Cars. Vehicles swerve, fly, skid and go through fire in an epic performance that really shows off the drivers signature skills, this show never fails to amaze me. Neither myself of Nathan are majorly into Cars but that didn’t stop this show being incredible.

Shopping once again helped to break up our day so we spent half an hour snooping around at all the things we longed to buy before hopping back over to Disneyland Park for the parade! Nathan even gifted me a beautiful Oswald pin for my ever growing collection.


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